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Vehicles Signwriting

Having completed projects for some of the largest vehicle rental and corporate companies in Melbourne, Diverse Sign Studios are experienced professionals in Truck Signage, Cars and Vehicle Signage and Melbourne specialists in Fleet Signage. Providing professional and reliable service, all of our jobs are guaranteed the delivery of a superior product.

car with vinyl wrap signage

Vehicle Signage

Preparing to expand your business and it's branding? Why not start with your company vehicle.

Diverse Sign Studios can provide you with a full Vehicle Wrap or something as little as a 'For Sale' decal.

Some examples of this are:

  • Full fleet signage
  • Door decals / stickers
  • A simple phone number or website on the back
  • See through signage for the windows

Nothing is too small and we also specialise in full signage and total vehicle coverage.

Vinyl cut lettering is often referred to as a 'Decal'. This can be anything from a one colour vinyl sticker to a full colour digitally printed logo. All of which we can expertly apply to your vehicle.

Examples of vehicles we can apply to:

  • Cars
  • Utes
  • Vans
  • Motorbikes
  • Boats
  • Trucks - see Truck Signage
  • Maintenance vehicles i.e. Landscaping machinery, garbage trucks
  • or practically anything on wheels!

Why apply Decals to your car?

Potential - The possibilities for advertising are remarkable. Achieve a professional display of your business that nobody will miss as you drive past your potential clientele.

Quality - Long lasting signage is our service to you. Don't waste money on cheap vehicle wraps; get it done properly and professionally so you don't have to have it done again in a year's time.

Removable - Vehicle signage is 100% removable. If you want to update your vehicle, or sell it; Diverse Sign Studios is the perfect option, we provide removal of vinyl too!


Vehicle Signage Melbourne

Print advertising, social media and leaflet drop are a few methods of advertising that can’t compete with the power of marketing and advertising your business can get through vehicle signage.

It’s a gap observed in many business marketing strategies, particularly with SMEs. Whether you have one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles on the road, they represent a significant investment for your business. To truly maximise ROI on the cost of your vehicles, you need to put them to work.

The front, side and rear panels of every commercial vehicle offer prime advertising space for your business. By partnering with Diverse Sign Studios, the leading providers of vehicle signage Melbourne wide, you can turn your commercial vehicles into travelling branding and marketing advertisements, attracting exposure in front of thousands of potential customers every week.

Uncover the power of vehicle signwriting

As the top custom vehicle signs designers in Melbourne, we have helped clients such as Hertz, Europcar, Budget Car Rental and more to brand their vehicles. We can provide decals, wrapping and vehicle sign writing services for any vehicle including cars, motorbikes, utes, boats, trucks and pretty much anything on wheels.

Whether you have 1 or 100 vehicles among your fleet, you can be guaranteed a speedy, high quality service at affordable prices.

You’ve seen how buses, trains, cabs and race cars take full advantage of their exterior for marketing purposes. Your own commercial vehicles can be just as powerful in attracting attention and building brand familiarity.

Vehicle Lettering

Vehicle signage does not need to be blatant. We can apply vehicle lettering to subtly brand your vehicles with your company name and contact details or just your company motto and logo.

Vehicle Graphics & Decals

Diverse Signs Studios have built a solid reputation as the go-to team for custom vehicle graphics Melbourne wide. We can create graphics and decals of your logo and existing brand graphics for your vehicle. We can even provide custom designs that will complement your brand. Whether you want a simply door decal or a front to rear graphic, we can meet your needs.

Vehicle Wraps

If you want to turn heads and capture attention everywhere your vehicle travels, a full vehicle wrap can help you to achieve your goal. Our vehicle signwriting Melbourne team are the most talented professionals you’ll find, with the ability to create truly stunning, eye-catching high impact vehicle wraps that transform your vehicle into a travelling advertising billboard.

If you are interested in maximising ROI from your vehicles and turning them into a powerful marketing channel for your business, contact the team at Diverse Sign Studios today. As the leading provider of business vehicle signs Melbourne wide, we can help you attract new business and solidify your brand’s recognition.

Quality & Affordable Vehicle Sign Writing Melbourne

Our name tells you everything you need to know. Diverse Signs makes all kinds of signs, and when it comes to vehicle signs, we make them for a diversity of vehicles.

Because we have years and years of vehicle sign writing experience, we're the clear choice to provide your vehicle signage in Melbourne.

When you order vehicle signwriting from Diverse Signs, you know you are investing in quality. You also know you are getting fantastic value, because our vehicle signage is really affordable.

The degree of value you get becomes more and more evident the longer you keep the vehicle. Where other signs peel, warp, and fade, the quality materials and excellent technology we use in our production process means your sign will keep on shining through, no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

Sun, rain, and dirt all wreak havoc on a typical sign. Over time, those signs really start to show their age. But signs you buy from Diverse Signs are created with special technology and a lot of insight. We know how to make signs that can stand up to a good punishment and keep going strong.

How vehicle signage is important for your business

Adding signage to your vehicles is a powerful investment in your business. It creates mobile advertisements for your brand, getting you seen by thousands of eyes everywhere you go.

Signs are the easiest and least expensive way to achieve greater market penetration. Really well made signs, especially if they are clever, humorous, or slightly risqué, often get photographed by passers-by and later shared on social media and web pages.

The result is even more free publicity for you business, and it's all made possible because of having a great sign from Diverse Signs.

Visit Us & Choose from the best Options for Vehicle Signs

The undeniable fact is that quality signs help get you noticed, and there are no better quality vehicle signs anywhere in Melbourne that the excellent signage products available from Diverse Signs in Knoxfield.

Come in for a visit and see for yourself our market-leading technology and how we're creating better signs for our Melbourne customers.

We have signage options for vehicles of every size, shape and class. That means cars, trucks, vans, boats, helicopters, aeroplanes, and even motorbikes.

Whatever kind of vehicle signage you need, you'll be able to get it from Diverse Signs in Knoxfield, Melbourne's leading sign manufacturing specialist.

Better value, better service, and better products. Diverse Signs has it all wrapped up. Something else we have all wrapped up is a long list of motor vehicles bearing our signs, travelling all over the country and helping to promote the brands of our customers everywhere they go.

You know you need this kind of action working for you, and thanks to our great prices, there's nothing to hold you back.

Diverse Sign Studios delivers extensive range of sign writing services including Car Signs, Wall Stickers, Shop Front Signs, Truck Signage, 3D Signage, Menu Boards, Frosting, Banners & Wall Graphics. For more information about our services. You can call us on (03) 9763 0299 or email us at sales&

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Vehicle Signage

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  • Vehicle Signage for Tooth Whitening
  • Cut and Core Concrete Vehicle Signage
  • Uropcar Vehicle Signage
  • Harts Hire Vehicle Decal
  • Lazy Cow Home Delivery Vehicle Signage
  • Sushi Sushi Car Decal

  • CHR Vehicle Wrap
  • A Bit of IT Vehicle Decal
  • Goop Guys Vehicle Decal

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