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Have a think about what signs you are after. Often this is difficult; and we are here to help you decide what is best for your business. But start thinking about what colours you like, designs and how much you are willing to spend. Just the little things will help speed up the sign writing process.
Simply give us a call or email with the details of you signage project and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a detailed estimate. If you’re not quite sure of exactly what type of sign you are after, we’d be happy to provide you with some helpful suggestions
We have trained sign writing staff that have years of expertise in design programs, so it is possible for us to set you up a logo or redo artwork that is too low quality for printing. However, you can save a lot of time and money by having artwork ready to go, and in the right formats for our sign writers (EPS, AI).
EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript – it is a vector-based file format that is very popular in the printing industry due to the fact that vector files (such as an eps) consist of graphics that are resolution-independent. They are scalable objects made up of mathematical calculations, and therefore can be resized or reduced easily without any loss of quality. They are the ideal format for signage designs.
As long as your artwork abides by our art requirements, then yes, we are happy to work with your existing artwork, vehicle graphics, and signs. Contact us for more details on artwork setup and to see how we can assist you in providing the proper file types.
Before we go ahead with production of your sign we will provide you with a scaled down proof, which you must sign off on before we proceed with production. We will also supply you with a sample of your chosen material so you know exactly what you are getting.
A proof is simply an image of your signage, which we will supply to you either by email or on a printed piece of paper. The proof is a way for you to check that all elements of your design are correctly positioned and all type is correctly spelt. After you have viewed your proof and signed off on it, our sign writers will begin production of your sign.
Often, if you are inside a shopping centre, on a busy street or in built up areas you will need a permit or council approval. This is to be done by the customer prior to arranging installation of signs, and signs can only be installed if prior approval has been made. A simple call to your local council will verify whether you need any council approval.
For basic window signage, stickers or banners the average turnaround time is between 1 and 3 days. But for larger signs such as shop fascia’s, light boxes and fabricated signs, these need to be manufactured, so it can often takes several weeks. Please keep in mind that all signs are hand-made and manufactured specifically for you, this can take some time and the sooner you give us the final approval on artwork, the quicker you will get your signs.
Vinyl is a specially manufactured material that can be applied to mostly any surface that is flat or non-porous. It is designed to withstand weather and comes in hundreds of colours.Think of it as a sticker, that we can cut to any shape or size, and is perfect for lettering.Vinyl was originally brought to the market as a replacement for hand painted lettering. The vinyl method is cheaper and quicker to install.
The total cost of a sign can vary greatly depending on job size and specifications and the increase or decrease in cost may not be in anyone’s control.
Your business may be in a busy shopping centre that has a criteria adopted by the governing agency that states certain compliances that must be met, permits obtained, or safety equipment that must be hired, which can often increase the price of installation.Also, any signs requiring painting needs time for drying and double coating. All signs are made to last and look great, so we need time to achieve this.

That said, there is a sign for every budget, and we try very hard to fit in with yours.

Signage is a very misunderstood industry. All signs are custom made by hand and by skilled sign writing craftsmen that have been trained in the art. Every sign is a one off, custom-manufacture. This should not be considered a cost but an investment in your business and livelihood.

Signs are on display 365 days a year, and are proven to be the number one way of advertising.

Yes we can. Vehicle wraps are a fantastic way to achieve a professional display of your business that nobody will miss as you drive past your potential clientele.

We provide only the best quality in vehicle wraps, don’t waste money on cheap vehicle wraps; get it done properly and professionally so you don’t have to have it done again in a year’s time.

Most vehicles can be lettered in one business day. It is important for the vehicle to be clean. If the vehicle isn’t clean you could incur a car wash fee.
Actually it does quite the opposite. Our vehicle signage prevents ultra violet light in sunshine from hitting your paintwork, which otherwise may have faded your paint over time. Out vehicle signage adheres very strongly to your car, though the adhesive is not actually very sticky. It’s stays on so well due to the large surface area of contact with the vehicle.
Yes, it is a simple matter to remove signage from your car without causing any lasting damage to the paintwork on your vehicle. Any residue remaining can be quickly cleaned off and a quick wax and detail will have you vehicle looking good as new. Unfortunately, during the removal process, the signage will be damaged to a point where it will not be re-usable, so you will not be able to re-apply the signage.
Do you have something about more out of the ordinary in mind? We love these kind of projects! Have a chat to us and give us a good idea of what you’re after, and we’ll see what we can come up with.
Here at Diverse Signs, we passionate about creating unique signage solutions. We can create signs out of a multitude of materials including metal, wood, glass, aluminum, steel, copper, plastic, foam, and more – we’re only limited by your imagination. Please contact us today to discuss your project with one of our signwriting experts, and we’ll prepare a quote based on your individual needs.
Yes! We can provide you with Frosted Etch Vinyl, a fantastic vinyl frosting product that looks especially nice on windows and really makes a difference to the appearance of your business. Nothing looks nicer and more professional than glass frosting with a delicate touch of pizzazz.
This is one of our specilties! 3D lettering and signage can create some truly striking and eye-catching results. Take a look at some of our recent 3D signage projects.
We certainly can! If you’re on the move; a pull-up banner is perfect. They fold away neatly into a carry bag and are great for expos and temporary displays or permanent signs that aren’t intrusive (and look great!)
Certainly! There are many options to choose from when it comes to large format wall graphics. Adding well designed artwork to a blank wall is a great way to add a feature wall to your shop, office or home. Contact us for more information.
The ideal solution to ensure your business signage can be seen at night is an illuminated lightbox. Lightboxes consist of either one or two panels of transparent vinyl, lit from the inside – projecting the graphics on your sign into the darkness. We print graphics on translucent, high-quality vinyl making application easy and the finished job looks amazing!

Other than the fact that your sign will be visible at night time, there are several other advantages to using an illuminated lightbox.

The panels are easily interchangeable, making it a simple job to swap out the panels should you need to change the graphics.
Lightboxes are completely weatherproof and will last for years in exposed exterior applications
Our lightboxes also look great in the day due to their powder-coated finish, ensuring a sleek design, and a smart finish.


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