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If you have a shop that needs signage or a product that needs selling, look no further than Diverse Sign Studios. We are experts in all forms of General Signage including Computer Cut Lettering, Vinyl Decals and Stickers. All of our designs and products can be applied to any number of surfaces. Whether it's straight onto your car, the side of your building or shop front window.

sign on wall


If you need stickers of any kind, give Diverse Sign Studios a call. Stickers can be digitally printed or vinyl cut and each method has its advantages.

Vinyl-cut Decals

  • Vinyl cut letters are durable and long lasting
  • Colours are bright and fade resistant
  • Quick turn around time

Digitally printed stickers

  • Logos can be displayed correctly with blends etc
  • Nearly unlimited choice colours (whereas vinyl has limited colour range)
  • Depending on quantity, printed stickers are more cost effective

If you decide to go with a digitally printed decal; stickers can be contour cut so they are ready to apply and application is relatively easy with small stickers.

Digital prints can fade with prolonged exposure to the sun. A UV laminate can be applied to any digitally printed sticker as well as an anti-graffiti film. These are extras that can extend the lifespan of this product.

Both digitally printed stickers and vinyl decals can be reversed so as to be applied to the inside of a window.

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Sticker Examples

Click a thumbnail to preview an image.

  • Lavor Pro Glossy Stickers
  • Assorted Sticker Sheet
  • Coates Car Decal
  • Fragile Removals & Storage Car Sticker
  • Melbourne Cosmetic Group Outdoor Signage
  • Mustang Racing Stripes

  • The Nutritionist Car Decal

Computer-cut Vinyl Lettering

Computer cut self adhesive vinyl lettering is available in any size and in a wide range of colours.

Logos and graphics can be re-produced at any size and our vinyl Lettering is of the highest quality. Our qualified staff will come onsite; we do the job professionally, on time, every time and all our work is guaranteed.

Save yourself some money

Diverse Sign Studios are happy to supply your designs pre-spaced on backing sheets with application tape for an easy installation by you.

Why is Vinyl Lettering the way to go?

Usability - Vinyl can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces: Metal, glass, acrylic, plastic, corflute or directly onto vehicles, boats, windows, smooth walls etc.

Durability - Vinyl is long lasting, dependable and comes in a variety of durabilities. I.e. we can match the type of vinyl to your price range. Different types of vinyl can be selected depending on placement and UV exposure.

Colour - Vinyl comes in over a hundred colours.

Variety - Computer cut decals can be cut from many forms of vinyl including translucent, metallic, etch/frosting, banner film, gloss, matt/satin, holographic, wood-grain, blackboard and whiteboard vinyl.

Reverse-Cut - Lettering and graphics can also be cut in reverse for application to the inside of glass doors and windows.

vinyl cut lettering on a van

Some information on Vinyl Lettering

  • All our vinyl products are Waterproof
  • Vinyl is a sticker, one side adhesive and the other solid colour. The colour is not printed like a digitally printed decal; the colour is fade resistant making it long lasting
  • A plotting machine cuts out the shapes of the letters to suit any letter shape or design you can think of
  • Vinyl comes in up to 200 colours and every job is custom designed, colour matched and suited to your needs
  • The advantages of vinyl lettering are durability, solid colours and the possibilities of what you can cut out are endless!
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Vinyl Lettering Examples

Click a thumbnail to preview an image.

  • vinyl cut lettering signage
  • Brisq Vinyl Shop Signage
  • Budget Car Hire Vinyl Store Signage
  • Clarinda Medical Clinic Viny Signage
  • Errols Dish Vinyl Signage
  • Gabee Bags Store Signage

  • Loco Photography Vinyl Signage
  • Maximum Roller Shutters Vinyl Signage
  • Patri Prestige Vinyl Signage
  • Telephone Number Vinyl Signage
  • Shop Front Signage
  • Educating Kids Shop Front Signage

Perforated / See-through Graphics

Here is a great, relatively new product on the market called clear focus or perforated / see-through graphics.

Designed to be applied to windows of cars and other vehicles this innovative product is being used by Diverse Sign Studios with 100% customer satisfaction

A few reasons to choose this product

  • Creates security for your vehicle, especially good for trades people. With a perforated graphic thieves cannot see into the car, and you can be advertising at the same time
  • Perfect visibility looking from the inside-out
  • Utilizes are large area of window that wouldn't normally be usable for advertising
  • 100% guaranteed and looks great!

Perforated graphics ability to adhere to a variety of surfaces while still allowing for vision means its perfect for advertising as well as an extra incentive for security.

Perforated Graphics are used in many ways

  • Buses use them to advertise on the large windows; generally if there is a graphic on a bus window it will be perforated
  • Applying them to the windows of cars that have a vehicle wrap is a great way of completing the job and making sure every area is covered and used to the fullest potential
  • Store front advertising can use perforated graphics so they still have vision out of the shop and also gain protection from harsh sun

Using a perforated graphic on a vehicle helps to complete the overall image giving the advertisement the greatest overall effect and sustaining the flow of the original artwork.

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See-through Graphics Examples

Click a thumbnail to preview an image.

  • Circon Car Decal
  • Dinosaur Diggers Car Decals
  • John Naijar Car Window Decal
  • Luminous Electrical Services Window Decal
  • Redbox 7 Gymwear Window Decal
  • Total Roof Restoration Window Decals

Wall Graphics

Wall Graphics are a fantastic way to create a feature wall in your office, home or shop.

There are many different ways and methods in which we can apply wall graphics, get in touch for more information

wall graphic

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Wall Graphics Examples

Click a thumbnail to preview an image.

  • Baonow Wall Graphics sign writing
  • Library Entrance Wall Graphics

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