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Signs are a vital marketing asset for any business that deals directly with the public from a physical location. They can also be important for schools, churches, public buildings, government offices, public events, an even family celebrations.

Traditionally signs have also represented a significant expense, creating handicaps for fledgling businesses struggling to get by on minimal capital investment and low initial cash flow.

This is where one signage company in Melbourne, Diverse Signs, aims to make a difference. Our business is different because we focus on providing very high quality signs that are also affordable.

Because we are committed to creating genuine value for our customers, Diverse Signs stands out among sign companies in Melbourne. We create signs for buildings, banners, cars, trucks, and anything else where a sign can be applied. We can also make free standing signs when they’re needed.

We use the best available technology to maintain our edge as one of the most innovative signwriters in Melbourne. We can design any kind of signage, or we can create a sign based on your own designs.  The hardware and software we use in production is specially selected for quality results.

Our name is our promise. We create the most diverse range of signs you’ll find anywhere, from tiny shop front lettering to massive billboards. This is possible because of our innovative hi-tech approach to sign printing. Melbourne has never had so much choice.

Promote your brand and rise above the competition with our service, famous already for creating outstanding value for signs in Melbourne.


Fabricated 3D signage & 3D lettering

Vinyl cut lettering

Large format printing & wall graphics

Vehicle signage & vehicle wraps

Frosting & etching

Illuminated lightboxes

A-boards & T-boards

Corflute & temporary signs

Banners & flags

Menu boards

and many other signage varieties

Our signs are made to the highest standards of professionalism and we use quality materials in their manufacture. The signs you buy from us will provide maximum durability and quality, provided they are installed in a suitable environment for the types of signs you have selected.

You will find many examples of our signage in Melbourne. From our base in Knoxfield, we produces signs for Melbourne businesses in every suburb of the city, and we even have clients from other regions of Victoria. They come to us because they know we will give them excellent value and service.

So when you are looking for Melbourne signwriters, come to the best sign company in Melbourne, Diverse Signs. It’s the ideal destination for all your sign printing needs, however diverse those needs may be.


Signs are a necessary advertising medium for those businesses that trade direct to consumers from a fixed place of business. Signs are also needed in schools, churches, hospitals, police stations, hotels, and many other places as well.

In the past, signs were relatively expensive to produce, which represented a handicap to smaller businesses trying to get off the ground with a limited budget.

That has all changed thanks to Diverse Signs, a signage company in Melbourne that makes affordable custom signs to order. While these signs are inexpensive to buy, they are also high quality and well made. You will be impressed by the quality of the signs you can buy from Diverse Signs.

Diverse Signs has quickly gained a reputation as a leader in sign companies in Melbourne, due to creating exceptional value for our customers. We manufacture signs for all kinds of purposes. We have signs for indoor and outdoor use, permanent signs, temporary signs, signs for vehicles, and even digital signs.

Operating with the best and most recent sign printing technologies available, we remain on the cutting edge of innovation in sign design and printing.

We can design all kinds of wonderful signs for you, or we can manufacture a sign built to your specifications.

In our processes, we use specially chosen hardware and software that is purpose-built for this exact task, thus ensuring the highest standards in quality assurance.

The name of our business is derived from our unbeatable ability to create any kind of sign you could want. It’s the best diversity of choice you will be offered from any business involved with sign printing in Melbourne. We are able to make anything from massive billboards to tiny shop front lettering.

To rise above the competition and promote your brand in the most eye-catching and effective way, come to us. Our service provides the best value on quality signs in Melbourne. There truly is no better expert in Melbourne signage.

Manufactured to the highest professional standard, our signs are constructed from top quality materials, offering outstanding durability and visibility. Of course the most important attribute for any sign is that it can be seen.

Install our signs in a suitable environment for the materials used in manufacture and they will last just about forever with minimal maintenance.


There are many examples of our signage in Melbourne, and no matter where you go in the city you are bound to see something created by us. We have been producing signs for Melbourne businesses from our Knoxfield base for many years.

We are Melbourne’s favourite destination for quality Melbourne signage. People come to our shop from all over Victoria. Our reputation for producing superior results as Melbourne signwriters is a substantial factor in how we have become the best sign company in Melbourne.

Buying your sign is actually the easiest part of the process. The next thing you would need to think about is installation. When you install your sign, it needs to be placed in such a way that it justifies your signage investment.

The first consideration will be to ensure the sign has maximum visibility. The main purpose of a sign is to attract attention, so if your sign is not placed in such a way as to be easily seen, the whole purse is defeated.

Contrarily, however, the sign will usually need some protection from the elements to achieve maximum lifespan.

This trade-off between seeking maximum exposure while also seeking to keep your signs in top condition is the most serious paradox of sign ownership. When you have to make a drastic choice, always choose exposure over protection, because you can always replace a sign, but you can’t replace lost business.

Another thing is that you should not hold onto old damaged signs. Be prepared to let them go. Your sign is often the first thing somebody sees, and you should be aware that the first impression is everything. An old sign in poor condition may not necessarily cause you to lose an opportunity, but it sets things up in a negative light from the outset.

People will make rapid decisions about the quality of your business based on the quality of your sign. If it’s faded, has letters missing, has been defaced by vandals… all of these things, if not corrected make it look like you don’t care what kind of image your business presents to the world.

That’s not a situation you can tolerate. So always replace your signs when they’re getting worn down. If the materials are not too badly damaged, you may be able to create the new sign from the old materials, which will save you quite a bit on the cost.

Of course we will do what we can to help, but sometimes that old sign has really and truly reached the end of its days, and we’ll have to face that tough decision to recommend you let it pass on, and invest in a brand new sign.

The factors that can damage your sign, apart from malicious people who want to wreck it, are sunlight, rain, and wind. Birds also like to take aim at certain kinds of signs. It’s impossible to provide absolute protection for every type of sign, but there are a few things you can do in some situations:


To help ensure your sign gets the visibility it needs, try to avoid these common errors:


By following these common sense tips you give your sign the best chance of succeeding, and in turn this will reward your business with more customers.

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Diverse Sign Studios delivers extensive range of sign writing services including Car Signs  Wall Stickers  Truck Signage Shop Front Signs Vehicle Signage 3D Signage Menu Boards Frosting Banners & Wall Graphics. For more information about our services. You can call us on (03) 9763 0299 or email us at sales@diversesign.com.au


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