Light Boxes attract more attention to your business and look great as display signs. We can supply light box signage to meet any of your advertising needs.

Diverse Sign Studios offer light boxes and illuminated signs which are all manufactured and custom made to your specifications. Every Lightbox is made to the highest quality, giving you a wide variety of options from small to large, thin and double sided. We ensure all of our light boxes illuminate your artwork with even distribution, bringing your graphics to life and creating a powerful, eye catching display.

Types of Illuminated Lightboxes

If you’re not sure what images can be used on a light-box, the team at Diverse Sign Studios can provide the know-how and colour-matching skills to get the job done. We print graphics on translucent, high-quality vinyl making application easy and the finished job looks amazing!

Reasons for choosing a Lightbox?

Night – You can leave your sign illuminated after hours for maximum potential of attracting customers. A back-lit sign on a dark night will ensure your business is seen!

Day – Even during the day, light-boxes are great looking signs; they are built into a custom made box, and have a powder-coated finish, ensuring a sleek design, and a smart finish.

Quick – The faces of a Lightbox are interchangeable, so if you decide to change your logo, or want to adjust artwork, it is as simple as sliding out the face and replacing the graphics, rather than removing the whole sign. Quick and easy.

Custom – Light-boxes are all custom made, so we will fit a sign anywhere you need it!



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