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Promotional Signage

There are many options available for today's competitive world of Banners, Flags, Corflute Signs, Temporary or Permanent PVC signage and Pull Up Banners. Whether you are a business owner who wants to advertise a product on a budget or a traveling salesman who needs the best signwriter to promote for a short period of time - we have a solution for you. All our signage is innovative, original and 100% guaranteed.

promotional vinyl signage on wall


Durable and re-usable with superior finish and potentially large surface area, a banner is a great option for exterior signage. All banners can be sewn with reinforced brass eyelets and folded sewn hems and inner layered non tear super industrial strength PVC.

Banners are made for exterior weather conditions, all our banners are UV stable and weatherproof.

External banners are one of the most effective ways of getting your message across and increasing the sales of your business.

Banners attract local customers, walkers and the local traffic. They are a powerful re-enforcement of your advertisement campaign.

External banners are ideal for organized events such as: fundraisers, sporting tournaments, concerts, festivals and shows.

Types of Banners

  • Mesh banners
  • Banners with eyelets
  • Banners with sewed edging and wind vents
  • Un-sewed banners (for temporary uses)
  • Rope track banners (permanent banner)

Fancy a permanent banner?

If you know what you want and you want it there for a long time, perhaps you would prefer a permanent banner?

In a permanent situation, banners can be installed onto almost any surface with the rope track method. In this method we sew a rope called a Kedar string around the perimeter of your banner; this Kedar string is then easily slotted into aluminium extrusions and installed onto the wall.

This method is very effective, and we have had 100% satisfaction from our customers.

Using this method, you can turn your banner into a billboard; and this has a very strong marketing appeal for large business.

This same method can be applied to any size banner, the aluminium rope track is designed to stretch out the banner, making for an optimal finish, and a superb sign; 100% guaranteed every time.

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Banner Examples

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Flags have always been a way of attracting attention and are always made from the highest quality materials. Flag signs have been developed as the ultimate identification-type signage in today's market because they are both cost effective and high quality.

The faces of the flags can feature your choice of digital printing, screen printing or blank colours depending on your budget. Flags come with a mounting bracket included and a base which the flag neatly slides into.

Advantages of using flags

  • High quality, low weight material
  • Can be single or double sided
  • A moving image attracts attention and draws the eye
  • Print any design onto the surface of the flag
  • Flags are removable from their stands so you can bring the flag inside at night to protect from theft and providing optimal life-span
  • Sizes range from 250mm to 4500mm high

What steps are involved in making a flag?

  1. You provide us with artwork OR alternatively we have designers to setup artwork for you
  2. We print that artwork onto a flag material, making sure to make double prints so the image is clear and stands out
  3. Flags can be double-sided so we print the image on each face of the flag, making sure no residual image can be seen from the other side
  4. Flags are manufactured into the required shape and sewed in place
  5. We add these newly made flags to the kit that consists of a free-standing base and pole to display them
  6. Easy to put together, easy to take apart; your flags are ready to go!

Call Diverse Sign Studios and organise some high quality signage solutions for your business.

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Flag Examples

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  • Burgtec Office Systems Flag Signage
  • Car Wash Flag Signage
  • Europcar Flag Signage
  • OS Engine Flag Signage

Temporary / Corflute Signage


Corflute or PVC signs can be a cheaper alternative to a permanent sign. If you need a plastic based sign for advertising for only a short period of time then a corflute or PVC sign is perfect.

Corflute Signs

3 mm and 5 mm fluted plastic signs and corrugated sign panels are perfect for indoor & outdoor signage. All are very weather resistant, and look great!

A corflute sign is great for trades people who want to advertise their services onsite or for making obvious a place for land development deliveries.

The colour and design is totally up to you. We can make one sign or many, the options are endless and great prices for bulk purchases.

Possible uses for Temporary Corflute Signs

  • Builder's signs (Advertise yourself while you work!)
  • Self advertisement for plumbers & carpenters etc
  • Handyman signs
  • Safety signs
  • Exhibition signs
  • Anything that you may move around regularly

PVC Signs

PVC is an extremely lightweight, but durable product that we cut to size in house and can be a great, inexpensive way to produce a sign.

Often, for interior signs that are not subject to harsh weather a PVC sign can be perfect. Coming in multiple colours and designs a PVC sign can be made to size and any type of graphics or digital print can be applied to its surface. Lightweight and attractive looking, these plastic based alternatives might be just what your looking for!

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Temporary Sign Examples

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Pull-up / Retractable Banners

Roll up displays and retractable freestanding signs are a popular way of displaying a particular product or advertisement to the public. A display banner is an eye-catching, inexpensive and easy to use technique in advertising. They can be assembled instantly and disassembled just as quick

Why a Pull-up Banner?

High Quality - Provides a surface for outstanding, high quality printing

Simplicity - Totally retractable and portable, simply remove from its bag, extend banner, lock in place, and re-pack when you're done

Long Lasting - Because the device is a fold away, pull-up banners tend to last a lot longer not being exposed to the sun all day long

Compact - A smart, compact way to advertise your business

Perfect for salesmen and exhibitions

If you're on the move; a pull-up banner is perfect. Folds away into a carry bag, great for expos and temporary displays or permanent signs that aren't intrusive and look great!

Steps to setting up your pullup banner

  1. Remove device from its compact carry bag
  2. Open fold away legs and place in required position
  3. Insert pole into slot at back of device
  4. Retrieve banner from device and pull up until fully extended
  5. Place the bracket into the top of the pole
  6. Stand back and admire your new sign

Any artwork you provide or we setup can be digitally printed straight onto the banner and inserted into the device. These devices are innovative and sleek and we guarantee you won't be disappointed!


Pull-up Banner Examples

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  • Water Alliance Solutions Roll Up Banner
  • Comfortel Pull Up Banner
  • Power Wrap Efficient Pull Up Banner
  • Soil Bond Retractable Banner
  • Total Roof Restoration Roll Up Banner
  • Lavor Wash Pull Up Signage

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