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Retail & Shopfront Signs

Want to make your shop stand out? We have a large range of Light-boxes, Window Frosting, Menu Boards, Street Signage plus many more solutions that cater to your budget. With years of experience in fitting out food outlets, cafes, top Melbourne restaurants as well as major shopping centres, there is no project too big or too small. From the smallest counter menu to entire wall displays, allow Diverse Sign Studios to provide you with a service that is second to none.

Retail & Shop Front Signs Melbourne

Are you frustrated by the lack of footfall to your store, café, bar or restaurant? Does your signage need updating? Are you opening a new business? Retail business owners are consistently amazed at how the level of vehicular traffic and footfall in the vicinity of their premises does not translate into paying customers.

As passing customers make their way past your store on foot or in their vehicle, it can take a significant effort to grab their attention and encourage them to enter your store or eatery. That’s where shop front signs have a critical role to play.

A creative, eye-catching shop front sign can ensure your business stands out from the crowd. Whether you operate a corner shop, electrical store, hair or beauty salon, café, fast food outlet or fashion store, Diverse Sign Studios can custom design high quality shop front signs for your business.

With an unrivalled reputation as the most trusted shop sign makers Melbourne wide, we offer a range of signage options. These include:

A-Boards & T-Boards

Signal to passers-by that you are open for business with custom A-Boards and T-Boards. The cost-effective solutions for promoting special offers, new products or even just a call-to-action to the many people passing by your place of business every single day. A-boards can be easily folded and taken inside or with you to new premises if and when needed.

Illuminated Lightbox Shop Front Signs

Draw attention to your business day and night with custom illuminated lightboxes. We are observing increasingly growing demand for lightbox signs for shop fronts. We offer slim, single sided and double-sided branded lightboxes for internal and external use. Adjusting graphics displayed is simple – just swap out the artwork rather than replace the entire sign.

Window Frosting Shop Front Signs

An ever so simply yet undeniably effective way to draw attention to your business is through window frosting. A frosted vinyl finish not only offers privacy for your clientele but it also adds an alluring element to the aesthetic of your shop front.

3D & Digital Shop Front Signs

Serious about making your business stand out? Go that one step further with shop front digital signage and 3D shop front signs from Diverse Sign Studio. With a strong reputation as the go-to shop front sign writers in Melbourne, we offer a range of digital printing technologies and 3D design capabilities to create truly innovative, state-of-the-art signage for your business.

Allow the Diverse Sign Studio team to demonstrate why we are the leading provider of shop front signage Melbourne wide and how we can make your business stand out from the crowd. Call our team to learn more about our signage services and capabilities and to discuss pricing. We’re here to help you better your business!

How Shop Signs are important for Melbourne Businesses

When you do business with the public from a fixed location like a shop, first impressions are absolutely everything. No matter how good your service may be, no matter how fantastic your products are, it won't help if customers don't come inside and see for themselves.

Getting the customer in the door is the primary task of every shop keeper. The more people who come through your door, the more sales you can potentially make. One of the most important things that brings customers to you is signage.

It's an interesting thing that many businesses invest heavily in display signs and then forget about the importance of their shop front signs. These are signs that greet the customer at eye level when they're window shopping or about to enter your shop.

If your shopfront signs are lacking, then new customers will be lacking too. You need to show customers that you care about your image. If you don't care about your image, maybe there's a lot of other things you don't care about too, and most customers don't want to take that risk.

Signs are part of your marketing mix. The majority of business owners don't think that way. When they think of marketing, they think of television, radio, newspapers, the Internet... in fact almost everything but signs.

But signs may actually be the most important marketing tool you have. They identify your business, they reinforce your brand, they provide information. All these things matter quite a lot.

Even if it is just some lettering on your glass door to indicate the opening hours, customers appreciate having that information on display. When you don't make shopping with you convenient, customers tend to gravitate toward other businesses that make the effort.

Adding signs to your shopfront will make a noticeable impact on the volume of passing trade you can acquire. The difference will not be insignificant. In fact, the more signs you have, and the better they are, the more effective they will be in attracting new customers.

If you have been struggling to get people to come in and look around, your signage (or lack of it) may well be the reason. Let us help you get things back to the way they should be.

Affordable Shop Front Signs Melbourne

Diverse signs have unbeatable knowledge and expertise in what it takes to make effective signs. We have years of experience in creating signs of all kinds, and throughout Melbourne you will see examples of Diverse Signs on display everywhere.

For the best value and service in shopfront signage in Melbourne, get in touch with Diverse Signs and find out how we can help you stand out from the crowd. Our high quality and affordable signage could be just what you need to inject new life into your business.

Diverse Sign Studios delivers extensive range of sign writing services including Car Signs, Wall Stickers, Vehicle Signage, Truck Signage, 3D Signage, Menu Boards, Frosting, Banners & Wall Graphics. For more information about our services. You can call us on (03) 9763 0299 or email us at sales&

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A-Boards & T-Boards

Ideal for marketing and advertising new products and special offers, A-boards provide a portable sign that can be taken with you anywhere. Strong, durable and long-lasting, our A-boards fold away for easy storage and have enough weight in them to stand on there own out the front of your shop. Classy and professional; our custom made two-sided A-Frames and T-boards are an affordable way of utilising a permanent sign without blowing the budget.

Why use an A-Board or T-Board?

  • Having a sign out on the street signifies to passers-by that you are open
  • Easy to change and update
  • Signs are weather proof
  • All A-boards are fold away, so you can bring them in at night
  • Using an A-board or T-board to advertise at street level is a great way to promote your business
  • You can apply any type of vinyl, paint or digital print to an A-board or T-board, making it a versatile way of advertising your business

How big are A-Boards?

Typically the frame of an A-board is 900mm X 600mm, but this size can vary depending on the size of A-board you are after.

Most T-boards are similar in size to an A-board, although these are more easily custom made, and can be ordered in many sizes

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A-Board & T-Board Examples

Click a thumbnail to preview an image.

  • Hills Community Child Care A-Board Display
  • Domeos Pizza Storefront A-Board
  • Falcone A-Board

  • Car Wash cafe Board

Illuminated Lightboxes

Light Boxes attract more attention to your business and look great as display signs. We can supply light box signage to meet any of your advertising needs.

Diverse Sign Studios offer light boxes and illuminated signs which are all manufactured and custom made to your specifications. Every Lightbox is made to the highest quality, giving you a wide variety of options from small to large, thin and double sided. We ensure all of our light boxes illuminate your artwork with even distribution, bringing your graphics to life and creating a powerful, eye catching display.

Types of Illuminated Lightboxes

  • Slim-line interior
  • Single sided exterior (weather resistant)
  • Double sided roof light-box
  • Double-sided slim-line

If you're not sure what images can be used on a light-box, the team at Diverse Sign Studios can provide the know-how and colour-matching skills to get the job done. We print graphics on translucent, high-quality vinyl making application easy and the finished job looks amazing!

Reasons for choosing a Lightbox?

Night - You can leave your sign illuminated after hours for maximum potential of attracting customers. A back-lit sign on a dark night will ensure your business is seen!

Day - Even during the day, light-boxes are great looking signs; they are built into a custom made box, and have a powder-coated finish, ensuring a sleek design, and a smart finish.

Quick - The faces of a Lightbox are interchangeable, so if you decide to change your logo, or want to adjust artwork, it is as simple as sliding out the face and replacing the graphics, rather than removing the whole sign. Quick and easy.

Custom - Light-boxes are all custom made, so we will fit a sign anywhere you need it!

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Illuminated Lighbox Examples

Click a thumbnail to preview an image.

Frosting & Etch Vinyl

One of the most effective ways of decorating your workplace is by using a frosted vinyl finish. The frosted vinyl creates privacy as well as a classy, sophisticated appearance.

For that subtle look, Etch vinyl letters and designs can be used on almost any surface; they look especially nice on windows and really make a difference to the appearance of your business. Nothing looks nicer and more professional than glass frosting with a delicate touch of pizzazz.

What is Frosted Etch Vinyl?

Etch material is a frosted or dusted vinyl; this means that the frosted vinyl surface is semi-transparent to light but not see-through, creating a tint effect, but with a much nicer, classy finish.

Examples of where you might use Etch Vinyl:

  • Apply your business logo on glass doors of an entrance way, always provides information with subtlety
  • Sharing an office? Cover the windows with frosted etch vinyl, it doesn't block out all the light, but provides privacy. Etch vinyl is completely non see-through
  • Small additions to shop fronts look especially nice in etch vinyl, such as shop trading hours
  • Add frosted vinyl as a window tint. This looks a lot nicer than traditional tint and is less expensive than frosted glass
  • Frosted etch vinyl has a sparkled, silver effect, so for anything requiring a classy look; frosted, etch vinyl is perfect
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Frosted Etch Vinyl Examples

Click a thumbnail to preview an image.

  • Hear Service Glass Frosting

Put either at the entrance or above the counter, a well thought out menu board will display all the information you need on one sign.

Primary examples of a Menu Board:

  • Specials
  • Prices
  • Business name
  • Images, graphic artwork

Choose a menu board that compliments your business, with so many restaurants out there you have to stand out amongst the competition.

Diverse Sign Studios have provided menu displays to numerous food outlets, cafés and top Melbourne restaurants, as well as major shopping centres. From the smallest counter menu to entire wall displays allow us to provide a menu service second to none.

Why use a Menu Board?

Be Seen - They are a large display board, with lots of surface area. The option of making them colourful, with lots of images and artwork is always there.

Variety - They can be made from a wide variety of substrates, including: Colorbond, MDF, plywood, polished wood panels, lightbox, aluminium. Almost anything can be converted into an all-in-one, professional looking menu board.

Changeable - We understand that prices and menu items can change regularly. So Diverse Sign Studios provides a service where we can come out and adjust your menu board as you need it, or provide you with letters that can be stuck on and adjusted as you please.

Consider illuminated menu boards for a classy, well deserved addition to any restaurant or business.

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Menu Board Examples

Click a thumbnail to preview an image.

  • Domeo's Menu Window Display
  • Domeo's Large Menu Display
  • Multi Panel Menu Display

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